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Sheena Gill

Sheena Gill

Senior Team Leader - Client Relations

Sheena holds a Master's degree in Corporate Finance Law from the University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom and is a member of the Honourable Society of Middle Temple. She is fluent in English and French and has a basic understanding of German.


Sheena worked for several years in the Seychelles as a Barrister and Attorney at law practicing both civil and criminal law, prior to relocating to Europe.
Sheena has over four years of experience working in private equity firms, holding companies and securitisation vehicles in Luxembourg, commencing her career as Senior Corporate Counsel at Vistra (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
Sheena provides administrative services to a diversified portfolio of companies, inclusive of securitisation vehicles and SOPARFIs. Sheena is responsible for liaising with external legal advisors and other third parties for incorporation, liquidation and transactional matters relating to the SPVs.


Sheena serves as Director/Manager on numerous SPVs mainly in the securitisation sector.

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