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About Us

Our Philosophy

We put our clients at the heart of all we do. We foster an environment which enables excellence. We encourage each member of our team to consistently perform at their full potential. A core value for Circumference FS is respect for each of our clients and our team members. Our clients benefit through high quality services delivered by highly professional individuals, committed to excellence in every aspect of our business.


Our Ethics

We believe and adhere to the proposition that there is only one ethical way to conduct our lives and our business and that is with complete integrity in all we do.


Creating Value

We highly value our client relationships and deeply appreciate our clients’ choice of Circumference FS. We work hard to maintain our long standing reputation for client focus and sound innovative business practices. At Circumference FS our people seek to consistently deliver strong value in every aspect of our work.



We are independently owned and operated. Circumference FS assiduously adopts effective governance and equitable dealing in all our relationships and all situations. We insightfully and proactively adapt in rapidly changing environments.



All our Circumference FS team members are motivated to create and implement innovative business plans and practices in all areas of service.


The Circumference Group

Circumference FS is part of the Circumference Group of companies. The Circumference Group is an umbrella organization which has ownership interests in and supports underlying operating entities which in turn supply services to clients in the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.