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Company Incorporation and Administration

The formation and administration by Circumference of a client’s company creates commercially and legally robust solutions for international entities and individuals.


These companies can be used for a wide range of purposes including: trading; investment funds, securitizations; captive insurance; aircraft, yacht, art and other valuable collection ownership; real estate holding; patent ownership and licensing; private trust company; general partner of an exempted limited partnership; joint venture; international group holding; special purpose vehicle and other corporate structures.


Many leading financial institutions, public companies and high net worth families have established these companies for a variety of benefits including:


  • Robust, equitable and internationally trusted legal systems
  • Flexible share structuring
  • Well developed and administered, highly regarded court systems
  • Protection of the client’s legitimate business interests
  • Reasonable and efficient reporting
  • Tax neutrality: no corporation, capital gains, payroll, property or withholding taxes on any type of company whether domestic or foreign (Cayman Islands)
  • Favourable fiscal climates with networks of bilateral investment and double taxation treaties
  • Speed of incorporation, normally in one day subject to completion of regulatory compliance procedures
  • Best in class professional services in all sectors of the financial industries in the jurisdictions we serve.


Clients should obtain professional legal and tax advice in their jurisdiction prior to investing or establishing international financial center companies.

related services

Family Office

We offer a variety of services tailored to the individual needs of single and multiple family office structures. Our attention to detail, empathy with family members, deep understanding of a plethora of circumstances and challenges, experienced consulting capabilities, relationships with intermediaries and professional advisors can derive a variety of benefits tailored to the unique requirements of each family office we serve.


We act as liquidators for Cayman companies and funds. Where a company has paid its debts, completed its operations and is no longer required by its shareholders, they can appoint us on behalf of the directors to act as Voluntary Liquidator and place the company into Voluntary Liquidation. This saves the cost of annual statutory and registered office fees. Once dissolved through a Voluntary Liquidation, the company cannot normally be re-instated, which provides certainty for its directors, officers, shareholders and creditors and eliminates any residual litigation risks, whereas if a company is struck off for non-payment of fees these, potential risks remain.