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Our Services

“We are value oriented with a reliable and productive approach.”

Accounting Services

Our professional accountants and their support staff can provide timely, comprehensive accounting services for a wide variety of companies, trusts, partnerships, family offices with investments and operations in many countries around the world. We can conform accounts and financial statements to international requirements and standards and in audit ready forms. We liaise with directors, management, advisors and auditors as required to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness from initial entry processing through to financial reporting and final financial statements.

Company Incorporation and Administration

We incorporate and administer a broad variety of companies for clients from many different countries. We can manage all types of companies and provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure that companies we manage are properly constituted and legally maintained. We offer registered office, secretarial, accounting, director and compliance services to holding companies, operating companies and investment companies for example, saving time and avoiding unexpected costs for our clients.

Family Office

We offer a variety of services tailored to the individual needs of single and multiple family office structures. Our attention to detail, empathy with family members, deep understanding of a plethora of circumstances and challenges, experienced consulting capabilities, relationships with intermediaries and professional advisors can derive a variety of benefits tailored to the unique requirements of each family office we serve.

Fiduciary Services

We provide independent directors for investment funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, structured finance vehicles (e.g. CLOs), SPVs, holding companies, captive insurance companies, catastrophe bond vehicles and other bespoke entities.


We act as liquidators for Cayman companies and funds. Where a company has paid its debts, completed its operations and is no longer required by its shareholders, they can appoint us on behalf of the directors to act as Voluntary Liquidator and place the company into Voluntary Liquidation. This saves the cost of annual statutory and registered office fees. Once dissolved through a Voluntary Liquidation, the company cannot normally be re-instated, which provides certainty for its directors, officers, shareholders and creditors and eliminates any residual litigation risks, whereas if a company is struck off for non-payment of fees these, potential risks remain.

Regulatory and Compliance Services

We provide comprehensive compliance services. The compliance landscape includes constantly changing legislation, guidance and updated data, the adherence of which is critical to entities falling under this wide umbrella. Anti-Money Laundering programs need to be robustly implemented by experts who understand and are up to date on all aspects of this fluid industry component. Implementation of sound compliance policies and procedures ensures the fulfilment of vital regulatory systems.

Structured Finance

We liaise with corporate advisors to establish and administer Special Purpose Vehicles for corporations, trusts, partnerships, and limited liability companies. SPVs serve an important function in the efficient operation of global financial markets. They enable large institutions to effectively transfer risk, obtain financing, and implement particular investment activities. Entities which establish SPVs must ensure that investors clearly understand the risks involved in these structures and must also continuously manage their risks. With proper parameters and effective management, SPVs can provide numerous useful benefits.

Trust Administration

As a fully licensed Cayman trustee, we work with clients and their advisors to plan, establish and administer Cayman trusts of many types including trustee for institutions, families and individuals. We work closely with settlors and their professional advisors to establish and manage trusts with many types of assets located in numerous countries. We carefully oversight investment managers and other service providers to preserve and grow trust portfolios for our clients.