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Circumference has an unrestricted class B trust license issued by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and provides corporations, families and individuals with fiduciary services to trusts, charitable foundations and their underlying companies and partnerships.


Our people devote their broad fiduciary experience, working closely with each client to comprehensively understand their unique needs. We liaise with our clients’ professional advisors to develop and implement the best documentation and structuring to ensure their goals are effectively achieved.


We highly value the trust which our clients place in us through our long term relationships with them.


Our Trust Services include the following:

  • Discretionary Living Trusts
  • Charitable Purpose Trusts
  • STAR Trusts
  • Reserved Powers Trusts
  • Private Trust Companies
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Trust Protector

related services

Family Office

We offer a variety of services tailored to the individual needs of single and multiple family office structures. Our attention to detail, empathy with family members, deep understanding of a plethora of circumstances and challenges, experienced consulting capabilities, relationships with intermediaries and professional advisors can derive a variety of benefits tailored to the unique requirements of each family office we serve.

Accounting Services

Our professional accountants and their support staff can provide timely, comprehensive accounting services for a wide variety of companies, trusts, partnerships, family offices with investments and operations in many countries around the world. We can conform accounts and financial statements to international requirements and standards and in audit ready forms. We liaise with directors, management, advisors and auditors as required to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness from initial entry processing through to financial reporting and final financial statements.