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Regulatory and Compliance Services

Circumference is a member of various compliance associations which helps keep us at the forefront of local and international issues regarding compliance.


Legislation covering anti-money laundering ("AML") imposes requirements on participants such as sponsors, arrangers and investment managers to develop, implement and maintain policies and procedures which adequately address the risks posed by money laundering and terrorist financing. This can include the appointment of a money laundering reporting officer and the appointment of a compliance officer. One sensible and often used solution is to outsource these AML requirements to a third party service provider who can perform these AML obligations with local knowledge and expertise.


Circumference FS offers:

  • To provide a money laundering reporting officer;
  • To provide a compliance officer;
  • To manage the suspicious activity reporting process;
  • To act as an on-going liaison with local regulators, competent authorities or other regulatory or investigative agencies;
  • To coordinate AML training; and
  • To arrange for periodic AML inspections by third party experts to test and evaluate AML programmes and related controls.

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Family Office

We offer a variety of services tailored to the individual needs of single and multiple family office structures. Our attention to detail, empathy with family members, deep understanding of a plethora of circumstances and challenges, experienced consulting capabilities, relationships with intermediaries and professional advisors can derive a variety of benefits tailored to the unique requirements of each family office we serve.