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Our Teams

“Our clients benefit from deep understanding, insightful and responsive delivery by our team members.”

Alan Turner
Alan Turner Director

Alan holds an LLB (Hons) from the University of Glasgow, Scotland and he has lived and worked in the Cayman Islands since ...

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Alexandra Timoteo
Alexandra Timoteo Executive Assistant

Alexandra was born in Romania. She studied Business Administration both in Cambridge UK as well as in Amsterdam NL. She is...

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Andrea Dunsby
Andrea Dunsby Director

Andrea is a director of Circumference FS (UK) Limited, where she is the nominated AML Officer. Andrea is also a solicitor ...

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Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Director

Andrew holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Florida State University and received his Certified Public Accou...

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Astrid Danner
Astrid Danner Paralegal

Astrid has over 20 years’ experience in legal services in the Cayman Islands working for Circumference Legal and pri...

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Camilla Klein
Camilla Klein Senior Legal Officer

Camilla holds a diploma in Business and Environmental Law from the University of Applied Sciences, Trier, Germany. She is ...

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Charlotte Hoffman
Charlotte Hoffman Group General Counsel

Charlotte is Group General Counsel who graduated from the University of Sussex with a 1st class honours degree and a maste...

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Elise Valentin
Elise Valentin Corporate Officer

Elise holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social and a two-year University degree in English from the Universi...

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Germain Forget
Germain Forget Senior Accountant

Germain holds a Master’s degree in Accounting from the IAE of Nancy in France. He is fluent in
French (native ...

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Helen Fairs-Hall
Helen Fairs-Hall Vice President

Helen has over thirty years of experience at senior and managerial level positions within the financial services industry ...

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Helene Grine-Siciliano
Helene Grine-Siciliano Team Leader - Client Relations

Helene holds a Master’s degree in foreign languages applied to business and trade from ...

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Ian Ross
Ian Ross Group Financial Controller

Ian graduated as a Chartered Accountant in Glasgow, Scotland and was admitted as a member of The Institute of Chartered Ac...

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Iva Jirku
Iva Jirku Internal Bookkeeper

Iva was born in the Czech Republic.  She studied accounting and after relocating to Luxembourg she graduated as an In...

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Jane Fleming
Jane Fleming Client Director

Jane holds an Honours Bachelor of Accounting degree from Glasgow University and received her Chartered Accountant certific...

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Julie Couture
Julie Couture Senior Vice President

Julie is originally from Canada and graduated from Université du Québec à Trois- Rivières afte...

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Julien Pignatone
Julien Pignatone Senior Accountant

Julien holds a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Nancy in France. He is fluent in French (native ton...

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Kirsten Le Pape
Kirsten Le Pape Senior Vice President

Kirsten graduated with a degree in accounting from Averett University, Virginia, USA in 1991. She joined The Ritz-Carlton ...

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Laetitia Jolivalt
Laetitia Jolivalt Senior Accountant

Laetitia has a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance from Lycée Robert Schuman in Metz, France.  She...

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Lorraine C. Ebanks
Lorraine C. Ebanks Assistant Vice President

Lorraine assists in helping the office run smoothly. She is the first point of contact when v...

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Lucinda Lawson
Lucinda Lawson Vice President

Lucinda has over 20 years’ experience in corporate management and legal services in the Cayman Islands working with ...

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